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Dual 1.4-GHz processors power packet processing module


The highest bandwidth throughput available in one AdvancedTCA slot comes in the form of the RadiSys Corp. Promentum ATCA-7010 packet processing module. The result is a significantly reduced processing cost. The latest addition to the company's family of AdvancedTCA-compliant products features dual Intel 1.4-GHz IXP28xx network processors and is designed to address 10-Gbit/s wirespeed packet processing in network applications such as security gateways, GGSN, broadband remote access servers, edge routers and session controllers.

The Promentum ATCA-7010 is designed with modularity in mind. It includes a baseboard, a fabric interface card, and a rear transition module (RTM). The modular design allows the PICMG 3.x fabric interface to be designed as a mezzanine board, allowing users to choose between star, or mesh, topology implementations. The RTM connects to the baseboard through a SPI-4 interface enabling multiple I/O interfaces such as redundant 10-Gbit Ethernet or multiple OC-48/STM-4 by substituting the RTM with the appropriate interface.

Prices depend on configuration and starts at $10,582 for a fully loaded memory board. For more information, visit www.radisys.com.

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