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Dual-channel 10-GbE transceiver exceeds 10GBASE-KR specs


Las Vegas—Broadcom Corp. announced a low-power 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) PHY in support of the IEEE 10GBASE-KR standard for running 10-Gbit/s serial data over backplane systems.

The PHY device extends the life of today's existing systems that use four lanes to carry 10-Gbit/s (XAUI) data rates by providing a four times bandwidth improvement per channel. The dual KR-to-XAUI PHY enables 10-, 2.5- and 1-GbE on existing backplane applications.

The BCM8073 dual serial 10GBASE-KR-to-XAUI backplane PHY builds on five generations of field proven 10GbE serial PHY technology. Designed using 65-nm CMOS process technology, the BCM8073 is an all DSP-based 10GbE PHY that provides enterprise data centers with higher bandwidth and performance, as well as significant savings in cost, resources and manpower when upgrading to 10GbE links.

The BCM8073 has been verified on more than 300 existing backplane channels and has more than 3dB of margin over the worst case channels encountered in the customer base. The BCM8073 dual serial 10GBASE-KR-to-XAUI backplane PHY exceeds the IEEE requirements for the 10GBASE-KR standard and has the ability to drive over 40 inches of FR-4 with 3 backplane connectors.

Its all DSP-based architecture allows diagnostic tools to monitor system and channel parameters such as insertion loss, channel frequency response, equalizer response and frequency offsets, in addition to key performance metrics such as bit error rate (BER) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Pricing: $85 each for 1K volumes.
Availability: Sampling to early access customers.
Datasheet: Click here.

Broadcom Corp., www.broadcom.com

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