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Dual core processor ready for space applications


Aeroflex Gaisler AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) has developed the GR712RC the fault tolerant processor, an implementation of a dual-core LEON3FT SPARC V8 processor using RadSafe technology.

The fault tolerant design of the processor in combination with the radiation tolerant technology provides total immunity to radiation effects.

The power optimized GR712RC is fully software compatible with previous LEON processors, with a performance increase of up to 100 percent at the same clock frequency.

The two LEON3FT processor cores in the GR712RC can be clocked up to 125 MHz over the full military temperature range. This provides up to 300 DMIPS and 250 MFLOPS peak performance.

The GR712RC devices are shipped as fully tested parts in flight, engineering and prototype quality levels. It is provided in a 240-pin, 0.5 mm pitch high-reliability ceramic quad flat package (CQFP).

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