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Dual-core, tri-core DSPs target packet networks


Austin, Texas – May 20, 2008 – Freescale has expanded the quadcore MSC812x family to include a dual-core device, the MSC8112, and a tri-core device, the MSC8113. Based on the StarCore DSP core, the new devices feature direct Ethernet interface technology and up to four independent TDM modules.

The MSC8112 and MSC8113 are optimized for wireless infrastructure, media processing blades, telecom IPBX infrastructure and media gateways. The devices can be used for general DSP applications requiring performance ranges from 600 to1200 MCPS with the added benefit of integrated Ethernet interfaces.

The MSC8112 and MSC8113 multicore DSPs are shipping now. Suggested resale prices in 10K unit quantities are $52 for the 300 MHz MSC8112, $70 for the 300 MHz MSC8113, and $77 for the 400 MHz MSC8113.

For more information visit www.freescale.com/DSP

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