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Dual differential amp minimizes noise, distortion


Along with a 10 GHz gain bandwidth, the LTC6419 dual differential amplifier from Linear Technology offers low input noise density of 1.1 nV/√Hz. The part also minimizes distortion, providing a spurious-free dynamic range of 85 dB at 100 MHz, while driving 2 VPk-Pk signals.

Four external resistors set the differential gain of each amplifier, configurable from unity gain with a frequency response beyond 1 GHz, to a gain of 100 with a bandwidth of 100 MHz, up to a maximum gain of 400 with a bandwidth of 30 MHz. At these high frequencies, the LTC6419 provides channel-to-channel isolation of 95 dB at 100 MHz—better than other similar class dual amplifiers, according to the manufacturer.

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