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Dual PMC carrier sports PCIe interface


Charlottesville, Va.—GE Fanuc Embedded Systems' ICS-7003 is claimed to be the first PCI form factor dual PMC carrier with PCI Express (PCIe) interface.

The ICS-7003 is compatible with x8 and x16 PCIe slots in late model workstation and server PCs. And its design allows one or two PMC modules to achieve close to theoretical maximum data transfer rate to the host via the PCIe interface.

The ICS-7003 also provides P4 connectivity from each PMC site to a switch, enabling the two P4 ports to be connected together, or for one or both ports to be connected to two FPDP II ports located on the top surface of the board.

The P4 connections support LVDS signaling to the switch, providing clock rates of up to 800 MHz. One FPDP II port is dedicated as an input and the other as an output.

The PCIe interface allows sustained aggregate data rates of up to 2-Gbytes/s in each direction simultaneously. When the board is configured to use the FPDP II ports, guaranteed bandwidth of up to 400 MBytes/s can be achieved to/from each connector.

The ICS-7003 is suitable for real-time applications requiring sustained high transfer rates between PMC modules and the host, such as data recorders and wide bandwidth data capture and conversion.

Datasheet: click here.

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