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Dual-ports offer seamless inter-processor connectivity


Six new members have been added to Cypress Semiconductor's family of asynchronous dual-port memory based inter-processor connectivity solutions. The More Battery Life (MoBL) dual ports integrate an address/data multiplexed (ADM) interface, which allows for a direct connection between the application and baseband processors in 3G and 3.5G smartphones.

To allocate sufficient dedicated I/Os for multimedia functions, next-generation processors have an ADM external memory interface (EMI) freeing up address/data pins. With access times as low as 65 ns, MoBL ADM dual ports can provide up to 246-Mbit/s throughput.

The interconnects can operate with 2-μA typical standby current, providing up to 50% power savings during inter-processor communication over traditional interconnects such as UART, I2 C and USB1.1 technology. The devices have up to 4 kbits of memory space that can be configured in a by-16 or by-8 bus mode. The parts come in 6- by 6-mm, 0.5-mm pitch, 100-ball vfBGA (very fine ball grid array) packages. In lots of 10,000, prices start at $3.20. More information is available at www.cypress.com.

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