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Dual Xeon processor boards


The FES-4204 and FES-4203/533 dual Intel Xeon processor server boards from Force Computers, are based on the 533MHz Intel E7501 and ServerWorks GC-LE 533 chipsets.

These boards offer dual 1.8GHz to 2.8GHz-plus Xeon processors and up to 12GBytes of double-data-rate SDRAM on a 12×10-inch ATX form-factor.

The FES-4204 board with dual Gigabit Ethernet has been designed for advanced 1U/2U short-server solutions, while the FES-4203/533 board with quad Gigabit Ethernet is suitable for a diverse range of server applications.

Both boards target network storage, medical imaging, high-end firewalls, streaming media servers, intrusion detection systems (IDS), high end embedded print engines and other demanding uses.

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