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Duo collaborate on PoE chips


Motorola and PowerDsine are working together to develop an ASIC for the Power over Ethernet (PoE) market. A joint team of engineers will design 802.3af-compliant chips based on Motorola's SMARTMOS technology and PowerDsine's Power over LAN technology.

The first chip will integrate power, analog, and logic functions into one device that will be used in Ethernet switches and midspans — an alternative for power sourcing equipment. PowerDsine holds 85 percent share of the midspan market and a 50 percent share of the integrated solutions market, according to the company.

The first product resulting from the collaboration will address the needs for 12-, 24-, and 48-output equipment. Using the ASIC, networking equipment manufacturers can expect to be able to directly integrate power sourcing equipment functionality. The chip is expected to provide power to 12 Ethernet ports (15W power per port) through one chip.

PowerDsine is expected to sample products to customers by year-end 2003 with volume production expected in early 2004. The device is fully IEEE 802.3af compliant and also works with pre-standard proprietary solutions.

PoE allows the electrical power necessary for the operation of a device to be carried by data cables rather than by power cords. According to PowerDsine, PoE potentially reduces the cost of installing a Wireless LAN access points by up to 50 percent.

Defined by the IEEE 802.3af Task Force, the standard is scheduled for ratification in June 2003.

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