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Duo collaborate on real-time Linux control


LONDON — Embedded software and tools provider, SDC, has collaborated with single board computer manufacturer, Arcom, to provide engineers with a complete real-time Linux platform.

RTLinuxPro supplied by SDC (Letchworth, U.K.) is a tested and validated, hard real-time, POSIX operating system that runs embedded Linux as an application platform. The RTCore real-time kernel at the heart of RTLinuxPro provides low microsecond worst case interrupt latency and scheduling jitter plus seamless access to Linux.

The hardware platform from Arcom (Cambridge, U.K.) includes the low power 400MHz PXA255 based VIPER PC/104 single board computer fitted with 64Mbytes of DRAM, 32Mbytes of Intel StrataFlash and 256Kbytes of SRAM. The board is fitted inside a rugged industrial compact enclosure (VIPER ICE) and includes a battery backed uninterruptible power supply (VIPER-UPS), an external AC PSU, optional Q-VGA flat panel TFT screen and analogue touchscreen, cables to connect to a host system, and a information/software CD.

Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC, said, “For engineers looking for a fast development route for their next real-time or embedded development project, the VIPER/RTLinux Pro solution offers a lot of advantages. RTLinux Pro is now a very mature and proven product offering a great deal of versatility and fast performance. Combined with the VIPER's low power XScale based resources, this platform should address a broad range of projects.”

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