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Duo cooperate on Java Card-based GSM SIM


STMicroelectronics and Aspects have signed a license agreement to provide a system solution for a Java Card technology-based GSM SIM. It is expected to decrease development time and speed up time to market for card manufacturers and network operators wanting to supply Java SIM solutions for the GSM mobile phone markets.

Java Card technology enables software applications, or applets, to be developed independently from the operating system in use and also allows multiple applications to co-exist securely on a single smart card.

The combination of the ST19WG34 secure microcontroller in ST's 0.18m EEPROM technology with Aspects OS755 GlobalPlatform-compliant Java Card operating system with integrated GSM Phase 2+ Release 1999 SIM applet creates an advanced solution for the GSM market. The solution will also provide a migration path to 3G Universal SIM technology.

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