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Duo cooperate on USB IP

LONDON — Evatronix SA has signed a deal with JMicron Technology Corp. to market USB connectivity subsystems ready for integration in system-on-chips.

Evatronix (Bielsko-Biala & Gliwice, Poland) developed the software stack for the range of its silicon proven USB controllers (USB 2.0 Device and USB On-The-Go) while JMicron (Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan) designed the corresponding USB physical layer (PHY) mixed signal IPs.

“The anticipation of potential problems between USB controller and PHY interoperability are quite often expressed by design engineers before they start a SoC design,” said Wojciech Sakowski, Evatronix president and CSO. “Our joint development effort eliminates any risk associated with such integration, providing a robust, fully tested, complete USB solution that interoperates perfectly.”

Built on Evatronix and JMicron IP cores (along with the Evatronix software stack), the Total USB Solutions have also passed certifications according to USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) requirements.

The Total USB Solutions are available for UMC 0.18 and 0.13 micron and 90 nm technologies.

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