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Duo to move verification forward

Cambridge, UK — ARM has signed a three year deal with Axis Systems to develop an integrated, system-level verification flow for ARM cores and the ARM PrimeXsys Platform. The flow, which will be used to validate their system-on-chip (SoC) designs, will be optimized for acceleration and emulation through Axis, who will deliver all levels of verification in a single product that supports ARM hardware and software models.

The agreement extends the relationship between the two companies and Axis will further integrate the ARM technologies and cores into its XoC platform for the embedded market. This provides a verification system for ARM microprocessor-based designs, from block-level testing through application software. Axis will also be joining the ARM PrimeXsys Community Program.

The Axis XoC platform is a unified system that reduces communications overhead and eliminates time-intensive integration efforts for design teams. With XoC designers can verify at multiple levels of abstraction including gates, RTL and behavioral.

It features a Co-Verification Debugger that creates a common communication environment between hardware and software teams through AMBA transactions. It enables software designers to verify code functionality, before silicon, without having to learn hardware verification methodologies.

The integration of the ARM leading technology-including its Cycle-Callable Model (CCM), FPGA Soft Macrocell Models (SMM) based on RealView Logic Tiles, and the RealView range of software debuggers into the XoC platform, creates an even more streamlined flow for design teams.

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