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Duo to receive Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal

LONDON — Simon Brueckheimer and Barry Trimmer are to receive The Royal Academy of Engineering's Silver Medal for outstanding contribution to British engineering and commercial development.

Brueckheimer is Consultant Architect at Nortel, and a pioneer of Next Generation Networks, which are changing the face of telecommunications by integrating voice, mobile, and broadband wireless and data communication into one digital system.

Brueckheimer's great insight in 1994 was to see how distinct services, previously carried over separate infrastructures, could be unbundled and moved to servers accessed by a single core network. This made it much easier and more cost-effective to offer broadband and other new, especially multimedia services. He also designed the first VLSI chip and the systems that enabled this unbundling, and paved the way for the transport of compressed voice signals over packet networks with high-quality.

Trimmer is Research Technology and Engineering Director of Thales UK's aerospace business and is the design authority for the UK's WATCHKEEPER Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) programme, for which the MoD recently made Thales UK its preferred bidder in this £800 million programme.

Trimmer has worked at the cutting edge of radar design for the last 25 years. He was instrumental in the antenna design for both the Searchwater radar for the Nimrod MR2, and the helicopter-based ASaC radar. In 1988 he led the technical development of a portable radar, MSTAR, for the British Army, which is in service today and in April 2005 was accepted into service in Australia. The design combines very advanced Doppler processing capability with low weight and power consumption. Over 500 MSTARs have also been licensed abroad or sold for export.

From the mid-1990s, Trimmer led the generation of the key signal-processing systems for a number of new airborne radars, each significantly more complex than previous generations – two versions of Searchwater for the Mk7 Sea King helicopter, which has had outstanding success in the last Gulf conflict and has recently started trials in the advanced Nimrod MRA4, and the I-Master SAR radar for UAV applications. He has lead the design of many of the algorithms and has developed new engineering protocols to manage this complex work. Searchwater 2000AEW is now fully operational in the Royal Navy's Sea Kings and has been praised for its operational flexibility.

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