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Duo work on using OLEDs for LCD backlights


LONDON — Two U.K. companies are working together in a two year DTI funded project to develop a concept product that combines optical films with OLED materials for backlighting.

OLED-T Ltd. (London) a developer and manufacturer of organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials and device structures, and Microsharp Corporation Ltd. (watchfield, England), which produces specialist optical films are cooperating in the project that has a total grant of £225,000.

The aim of the project is to develop a high efficiency white-light, thin, flexible, on-plastic OLED solid state lighting system that will initially be geared towards the flat panel display market, in particular micro and flexible displays.

For the project OLED-T will be developing new white OLED materials and the companies will be looking to develop prototypes that take advantage of the increasing trend towards better performing and thinner units that offer lower operating costs.

“If we achieve the efficiency benefits that we are aiming for, then our backlights will offer the potential to reduce system power consumption, which in turn will lower operating costs and provide significant battery lifetime benefits,” said Dr. Nicholas Walker, CEO, Microsharp.

“We are working closely with several backlight unit suppliers in the Far East and as such we are well placed to leverage the commercial benefits that will arise from our partnership with Microsharp,” added Myrddin Jones, chief executive, OLED-T.

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