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Durham startup gets grant for photonics

LONDON — Durham Photonics, developers of advanced imaging software in biomedicine and bioscience, is to get a grant of £95,000 for research and development.

The grant from One NorthEast, the area’s regional development agency, will enable the company to recruit a full time scientific team as well as to begin feasibility studies on new novel and proprietary imaging systems.

A University of Durham spin-out, Durham Photonics was established in June 2007 and is based in the University's laboratories and Enterprise Incubator. Its first product, a terahertz microscope will enable applications in bio- and nanomedicine and across emerging nanotechnology and will launch late this year.

Durham Photonics has benefited from the Centre of Excellence for Nano, Micro and Photonic Systems (Cenamps) BioNano Regional Research Programme, which funded research in the Photonics Materials Institute that underpinned the Terahertz microscope.

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