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DVB-H solution cuts power, size, cost

Newport Media has begun sampling its Sundance H hardware/software solution for Digital Video Broadcasting-Handhelds (DVB-H) and high mobility Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) applications. The Sundance H enables mobile handsets and mobile digital TV players with increased viewing time while simultaneously improving key performance metrics like sensitivity, channel switching time, and interference immunity.

The Sundance H system solution combines a quad-band, direct-conversion radio tuner, DVB-H demodulator, and all memory required to receive up to eight simultaneous channels. Implemented using low-cost CMOS process technology, it has a 3.0-dB noise figure, which translates into extended coverage area with improved quality. Power consumption is specified at 20 mW. It also features 55 dB of adjacent channel rejection and 110-Hz Doppler frequency performance in 8K mode.

Sundance H samples are accompanied by a comprehensive reference design which includes control driver software, diagnostic test bench software, digital video player interface, user's manual, test data and documentation. For more information, visit www.newportmediainc.com.

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