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e2v releases extended-reliability QorIQ P4080 processor


e2v has developed a P4080 extended-reliability version of Freescale’s P4080 QorIQ processor with data path, for power-sensitive and computation intensive applications in aerospace, defence and demanding outdoor environments.

The P4080 Octal embedded processor is manufactured on Freescale’s 45nm CMOS on SOI process technology and is now available in extended temperature range (-40°C to +110°C) in a FC-PBGA 1295 pin package. e2v is also planning to support the full military temperature range (-55°C to +125°C), with products available end of 2011.
The QorIQ P4080 processor, the first product offered in the QorIQ P4 platform series, combines eight Power Architecture e500mc cores – operating at frequencies of up to 1.5 GHz – with high-performance datapath acceleration logic, and network and peripheral bus interfaces.
The QorIQ P4080 processor can be used for combined control, datapath, and application layer processing. Its high level of integration offers significant performance benefits compared to multiple discrete devices, while also greatly simplifying board design.

The processor is suitable for applications that are highly compute-intensive, I/O intensive, or both, making it ideal for applications in military and aerospace domains, including radar and electronic countermeasures.

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