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Early ZigBee silicon for Roke module

Romsey, UK — Roke Manor Research, a member of Motorola's Design Alliance Programme (MDAP), has used early release silicon to design a small form factor ZigBee module. It intends to use this module as a building block reference design for its customers in the telemetry and wireless networking areas.

Dr David Smith, director of the wireless business unit at Roke Manor Research. “Motorola has established clear leadership in ZigBee silicon, hardware and software development and has a compelling integration roadmap to realise this market potential. Roke Manor Research has the integration and product design knowledge in short range radio networks to make this a reality for our industrial and home networking customers.”

Motorola's platform comprises an RF data modem IC supporting the 2.4GHz band of the 802.15.4 standard, reference designs and software meeting current ZigBee protocol.

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