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Easing communication system-level design


Communications Blockset 2.5 from The MathWorks extends the Simulink system-level design environment by providing more than 150 blocks to model the physical and link layer of communication systems.

The Communications Blockset can be used in conjunction with other MathWorks products, including the DSP Blockset, Signal Processing Toolbox & Communications Toolboxes, Real-Time Workshop, and Stateflow, to perform realistic simulations of communications devices and links.

The latest version contains a new RF Impairments library, which allows users to model the impact of nonlinearity, phase noise, and other RF effects on baseband communications design. Additional application examples of complete end-to-end communication links, including WCDMA, HiperLAN/2, IEEE 802.11, and Bluetooth, provide a starting point for the simulation of complex wireless systems. Additionally, the new Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) library supports CRC generation and error detection, allowing more effective simulation of link-layer protocol.

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