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Easy to integrate industrial cameras feature Windows interface


Microsoft Windows opens new possibilities for connecting multimedia equipment directly and conveniently with DirectX. Imaging Development Systems now offers a universal connection option that supports nearly all of the DirectShow component features, to interface with its uEye industrial camera series software development kit. Since all uEye cameras use the same SDK, this option is available for both USB and GigE models.

From the affordable USB camera with VGA resolution to the 10 Megapixel top model with GigE connection and IP65/67 housing, all IDS cameras can be integrated quickly and easily with DirectShow. This is interesting because in addition to many consumer programs all current industrial image processing software packages support the DirectShow interface, including for example LabVIEW and Streampix.

Integrating cameras with DirectShow is very popular, particularly in non-industrial image processing. The application spectrum ranges from interactive billboards with high-resolution GigE cameras to applications in amusement parks and robot assistants. This interface is also used to some extent in the medical industry, in instrument manufacturing and in the classic industry segment.

The DirectShow interface is an integral component of the uEye software package, and is included in the scope of delivery of all IDS cameras or available for download free of charge at http://www.ueyesetup.de .

For more demanding applications, IDS offers the Software Development Kit mentioned above, in addition to other interfaces such as TWAIN, ActiveX or GenICam. This enables simple integration via C, C++ or C# under Windows and Linux, allowing all available camera features to be utilized to the fullest.

Visit Imaging Development Systems at http://www.ids-imaging.de .

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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