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EB and Infineon show feasibility of software partitioning in multicore systems

Elektrobit Corp. has developed a multicore reference implementation in collaboration with Infineon Technologies AG. based on the TriCore technology.

The partners have also integrated an AUTOSAR 3.1-compliant Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) for Infineon's microcontrollers in the TriCore and XC2000 series into the EB tresos AutoCore basic software core.

This means that a basic software core is now available that enables scalable software solutions according to the recommendations of the German manufacturer software initiative (Hersteller Initiative Software, HIS) and can thus reduce hardware costs.

Development collaboration between EB (Erlangen, Germany) and Infineon (Munich, Germany) has resulted in a multicore platform that is suited for safety-critical applications. It permits increases in performance, for example when used as a domain controller.

The multicore platform offers two application options, developers can choose from. In the first mode, two processor cores can work in parallel at a lower clock rate, permitting lower power consumption than two individual processor cores. The second mode is used for redundant safety applications. In this so-called “lockstep mode”, the plausibility of results from different software routines on other cores can be verified and approved.

The multicore platform features two TC1797 microcontrollers from the TriCore family. Using relevant parts of the AUTOSAR 4.0 specification helped creating a basis for distributing software components flexibly on multicore units and to ensure their synchronization.

Infineon's latest components in the XC2000 family and the TriCore family, like the TC1782, have already been included in integration, to make the tool concept future-proof.

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