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EBV launches design and supply service for semis


LONDON — EBV Elektronik has set up EBVchips as a service in which it collaborates with customers to design its own semiconductors. EBVchips are produced by EBV’s manufacturers and distributed exclusively by EBV.

The Avnet-owned distributor says it is providing even small and mediumsized companies with access to specially customized products featuring state-of-the-art technology with the best price/performance ratio.

Based on the requirements of its customers, EBV will define its own semiconductors and then arrange for these to be manufactured. The EBVchips will bear an original component number assigned by the manufacturer and are also stamped with the manufacturer’s logo. EBV will then hold exclusive distribution rights for the component for between three and five years, a period typical for this particular industry.

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring compliance with specifications. As is the case with all semiconductors in the range, EBV will act solely as a distribution channel for these new application-specific semiconductors too. Therefore, with regard to the EBVchips, issues such as liability, warranty, qualification and long-term availability are also the responsibility of the manufacturers themselves. EBV Elektronik is, however, the intellectual property owner of the chip.

“With EBVchips, we now represent the interface between many thousands of customers and the manufacturer,” said Slobodan Puljarevic, president and CEO of EBV Elektronik.

“When it comes to product marketing, the manufacturers do not have the manpower to look after thousands of customers,” added Puljarevic. “In addition, customers cannot generally achieve by themselves the quantities required in order to make a new product attractive for manufacturers.”

EBV is seeking to help to turn medium-sized companies as a whole into ‘key account customers’ for semiconductor manufacturers.

Any customer should have access to EBVchips. “If customers have an idea for an EBVchip, they simply need to get in touch with their local EBV contact. All ideas are greatly appreciated, regardless of the application or market segment. With regard to the various conditions, EBV is also happy to make concessions for customers who play a key role in defining a new chip,” said Puljarevic.

EBV already has some specific ideas for the markets and applications that EBVchips will target . Puljarevic sees the biggest potential for EBVchips in analog and mixed-signal products, where the ‘power’ segment (e.g. wind turbines) will play a particularly important role. “We will be especially active in the area of power semiconductors, which are used in applications for renewable energies. In short, these products will benefit from considerable know-how, while the project will remain transparent.”

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