Eclipse IDE comes to Raspberry Pi for IoT -

Eclipse IDE comes to Raspberry Pi for IoT


At the EclipseCon North America 2014 this week Genuitec released its PiPlug to allow Internet of Things using the Elipse IDE on Raspberry Pi platforms.

It is a small front-end interface written based on JFace / SWT (Stamdard Widget Toolkitt that allows creation of OSGi bundles that add apps to a dynamic front-end of an Internet-based platform.

PiPlug provides an extensible front-end for the Raspberry Pi allowing small Java plug-ins to be written using Eclipse SWT (standard Widget Toolkit). The PiPlug runtime allows configuration of a remote URL to access a list of plug-ins from and will dynamically ensure that those plug-ins are up and running.

“A tangible shift towards the Internet of Things in the Eclipse Community has given us an opportunity to connect with Eclipse developers and IoT tinkerers on another level,” said Tim Webb, director of innovation and strategy for Genuitec. “Our PiPlug project lets us connect our Eclipse developer base with a really cool front-end that lets them simply create apps for their Raspberry Pis.”

It was shown for the first time by Genuitec at the EclipseCon North America 2014 day devoted to Internet of Things software and protocols.

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