releases its OpenIoT stack for Java - releases its OpenIoT stack for Java

The Eclipse Foundation has just released its Open IoT Stack for Java open-source development platform for consumer and enterprise Internet of Things systems.

The free download from Eclipse  includes support for the MQTT, CoAP and Lightweight M2M standards, as well as frameworks to build IoT gateways, home automation products and SCADA factory automation systems. The stack includes implementations of several efforts from different projects within Eclipse:

1) Paho which is being used by IBM and is a Java implementation of the client for MQTT, a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol;

2) Moquette , a Java-based MQTT broker;

3) The Californium project, which implements CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), a Web transfer protocol from the Internet Engineering Task Force. 

4) Leshan which incorporates a Java implementation of Lightweight M2M, an Open Mobile Alliance interface between IoT clients and servers.

5) Eclipse Smarthome, a set of Java and OSGi services for building smart home and assisted living solutions.

6)Eclipse SCADA , a set of Java and OSGi services that implements many of the services required for a SCADA industrial automation system, including data acquisition, monitoring, data and event archival, visualization and value processing; and

7) Eclipse OM2M, an implementation of the ETSI M2M standard. It provides a horizontal Service Capability Layer (SCL) that can be deployed in an M2M network, a gateway, or a device.

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  1. “@jmk1976 – we rely on underlying OS and runtime for everything networking and communication, therefore Bluetooth LE would be addressed by e.g. Android”

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