Eclipse plug-in provides free kernel aware debug for FreeRTOS and OpenRTOS -

Eclipse plug-in provides free kernel aware debug for FreeRTOS and OpenRTOS

Electronica, 11-14th November 2008 — High Integrity Systems, a business unit of the Wittenstein Group, has announced an Eclipse-based, kernel-aware plug-in for FreeRTOS™, a successful open-source kernel for embedded micro-controllers. Providing a professional debugging capability previously only seen on high-end tools, and available free of charge from Wittenstein, ‘State Viewer’ also provides full debug support for the commercially supported OpenRTOS™ kernel.

The company's ‘State Viewer’ plug-in provides enhanced kernel awareness with features including a snapshot of the task-switching and resource states, and the ability to check the stack usage of each task. This means that engineers working in an Eclipse environment can develop and debug applications more quickly and with a high degree of confidence. The plug-in works with a broad range of OpenRTOS implementations deployed on advanced 32-bit microcontrollers including Freescale’s Coldfire and ARM Cortex M3. It can be downloaded free from

Also released is OpenRTOS™ for Freescale Coldfire v2 supporting Codewarrior v7.x and Eclipse/GCC providing a high level of functionality for these advanced micro-controllers from Freescale. OpenRTOS™ is fully API-compatible with FreeRTOS™ but provides a robust, commercially supported and licensed kernel. It is available through Wittenstein high integrity systems with licenses starting from as low as $1000 per developer. In a typical application implementation requires less than 5 kB of ROM and fewer than 500 bytes of RAM per task. It supports advanced interrupt nesting on the Coldfire v2 architecture, delivering maximum flexibility for application developers.

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