Economic slowdown hits software developers -

Economic slowdown hits software developers

LONDON — Growth in the EMEA software developer community, the largest in the world at 5.6 million, will be reduced as part of changing economic conditions.

The 2009 Global Developer Population and Demographics Study from Evans Data Corp. projections says the most notable effects of the economic downturn can be seen in the rate of developer population growth in most industrialized economies. These include North America, Japan, and Western Europe where the most severe impact will be in 2009, with the growth projections from the prior forecast reduced 78 percent.

The 2009 impact on the 'rest of world' will be much less severe but still represents a significant decrease of 35 percent compared to last year's forecast. For the years 2010 and 2011, some measure of recovery is projected however full recovery to prior forecasted levels of growth are not expected until 2012.

Findings based on responses from over 1200 developers from around the world predicted that from 2009-2011, the developer population in India and China is expected to grow 22 percent and at present 15 countries comprise over two-thirds of the global developer population.

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