eCos Porting Guide Table 2 -

eCos Porting Guide Table 2

Table 2 PowerPC HAL sub-module directory layout
HAL sub-module Directory Description
Common halcommon Contains the configuration options and functionality shared by all HALs, including generic debug functionality, driver APIs, and tests.
Architecture halpowerpcarch Includes functionality specific to the architecture and default implementations that can be overridden by a variant or platform implementation. For example, single-stepping debug capabilities, exception and interrupt vector handlers, cache definitions, co
Variant halpowerpcmpc8xx Covers any features additional to the CPU core such as extensions to cache or exceptions/interrupts, configuration options, and drivers for other on-chip devices. For example, the PowerPC contains the mpc8xx, ppc60x, ppc40x, and quicc variants.
Platform halpowerpcmytarget Contains any configuration options specific to the platform., including platform initialization, memory layout, processor speed options, diagnostic and debugger I/O functions, and possible off-chip interrupt controller code.

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