eCos ports to Swell's C/PEG -

eCos ports to Swell’s C/PEG


CAMBRIDGE, England — eCosPro-C/PEG is a certified port of Swell Software's C/PEG (Portable Embedded GUI for C) to eCosCentric's range of eCosPro Developer's Kits and custom eCosPro releases. C/PEG is a portable, feature rich, small footprint GUI that is widely adopted within the embedded space and is an ideal match for the eCos real-time operating system.

eCosCentric will provide front-line support for eCosPro-C/PEG deployments and will expand its range of porting and consulting services to provide C/PEG driver development and optimisation services for eCosPro applications. eCosCentric will also provide a number of complete off-the-shelf development board ports certified with eCosPro-C/PEG. PEG is already used in successful eCos-based devices, such as the Iomega HipZip MP3 player.

Typically, eCosPro-C/PEG will need under 140 kilobytes of code space, allowing a complete application to comfortably in resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones MP3 players, industrial controllers and instrumentation devices.

eCosPro-C/PEG is delivered with the full complement of utilities found in Swell Software's GUI toolkit for embedded systems, allowing for rapid prototyping and development of graphical applications on a Windows or Linux host development system. Custom C/PEG windows, dialogs, bitmaps and proprietary fonts can be automatically generated and integrated with the eCosPro run-time, utilising the eCosPro Eclipse-based IDE for application development and remote debugging.

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