eCosCentric adds integrated USB Device support to eCosPro -

eCosCentric adds integrated USB Device support to eCosPro


eCosCentric Limited has announced the introduction of eCosPro-DeviceUSB , a USB device stack for eCosPro. The stack initially targets popular ARM and ColdFire controllers from ST, Atmel and Freescale, delivering network and serial connectivity for deeply embedded devices using the ubiquitous USB standard.

eCosPro-DeviceUSB is tightly integrated with the eCos I/O layer and small footprint IPv6 compliant TCP/IP stack, providing compatibility with existing eCos RTOS, networking, library and application code. Standard classes for RNDIS, CDC-EEM and CDC-ACM are available, allowing connection to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems without the need to install additional device drivers on the host. Support for control, bulk and interrupt end-points are included. The device stack is fully compatible with eCosCentric's host stack, for products that need to deliver both host and device functions.

The stack has been designed to enable portability across processor architectures, with big and little endian implementations, and is extensible to allow for additional class support to be added. Device specific drivers support individual USB controllers, reducing the effort needed to port the stack and its classes to different hardware.

eCosPro-DeviceUSB is immediately available for reference targets popular with current eCosCentric customers. These include the Cortex-A5 based Atmel SAMA5D31-EK & SAMA5D3-Xplained platforms, Cortex-M4 & Cortex-M3 based designs using the STM32F4 & STM32F2 microcontroller families, and the ColdFire-based senTec Cobra5329 Module/Carrier board.

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