eCosCentric adds NAND library, YAFFS file support for eCos, RedBoot -

eCosCentric adds NAND library, YAFFS file support for eCos, RedBoot


ESC, Boston, Ma. – eCosCentric has developed a NAND flash library and driver architecture, and a port of the respected YAFFS NAND file system for the eCos real-time operating system and eCos-based RedBoot bootloader.

According to Paul Beskeen, Chairman of eCosCentric, in the agreement with Aleph One – the owners of YAFFS, eCosCentric becomes the exclusive licensor of the YAFFS file system for eCos.

YAFFS is freely available under a GPL license, and for companies that wish to avoid the strictures of the full GPL license, an alternative commercial license is available through eCosCentric. Aleph One remains the licensor for all other systems.

YAFFS is specifically designed for use with NAND flash memory, optimized for speed and to ensure reliability and longevity. NAND is an inherently unreliable storage medium and the NAND library and YAFFS take multiple complementary approaches to maximize its usable life, and detect and correct errors as they occur.

The NAND library has been designed to manage bad block handling in a manner compatible with the Linux MTD layer. YAFFS support has also been incorporated into the eCos-based RedBoot bootloader.

These features coupled with YAFFS's existing wide use within the embedded Linux space provides for a common high-level storage medium shared between the two, helping to simplify embedded Linux system installation, updates and maintenance.

According to van Someren, the agreement assists the industry trend of embedding NAND devices into ever more deeply embedded designs. The combination of the eCos NAND layer and YAFFS provides the functionality, small resource footprint, performance and reliability required for this market sector.

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