ECosPro gains C++ support -

ECosPro gains C++ support


LONDON — eCosCentric has integrated the C++ run-time library GNU libstdc++ v3 within its range of eCosPro Developer's Kits. Initially targeting ARM & PowerPC architectures, the eCosPro C++ support package conforms to the ISO 14882 Standard C++ library specification.

Industry standard C++ run-time support is a key requirement for design teams, particularly those wishing to migrate from legacy proprietary RTOS environments to eCos.

The provision of an industry standard C++ run-time library enables eCosCentric to support the more sophisticated and functionally complex embedded applications that typify products in the biometric, industrial control and communication segments. The swift migration of existing C++ based applications in these segments is critical to the successful roll-out of devices based on eCosPro.

The C++ run-time library has been tested within eCosCentric's automated test farm infrastructure. In addition to the battery of over 20,000 eCosPro run-time tests, a suite of tests have been written to ensure coverage of the core elements of functionality found in the eCosPro C++ library implementation, namely:- algorithms, bitsets, complex numbers, I/O streams, I/O manipulation, iterators, lists, maps, memory allocation/new, strings and vectors. C++ exception handling and Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) are fully tested in addition to the GNU standard C++ library test suite.

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