EE Live - GrammaTech releases CodeSonar 4 -

EE Live – GrammaTech releases CodeSonar 4


Renesas Electronics America and Express Logic, Inc. have announced the new RZ Express program—an optimized package of high-performance microprocessors (MPUs), easy-to-use RTOS, and comprehensive middleware solutions designed for high-resolution displays used in the design of human-machine interface (HMI) applications.

The RZ Express program offers embedded designers developing a commercial application with any Renesas RZ/A1 high-performance MPUs the chance to obtain a single-product license for Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS. This includes any Express Logic middleware components required to complete the application—NetX, USBX, FileX, and GUIX. Additionally, free software support and maintenance is provided for 90 days.

Renesas RZ/A series of MPUs combine a high-performance ARM Cortex-A9 processor with up to an industry-leading 10MB of on-chip RAM to support faster device control, digital audio and video-signal processing, and much more. The large on-chip RAM removes the need for external SDRAM, enabling low-power, cost-effective embedded display applications at up to WXGA resolution. The RZ/A MPUs can also drive two displays and execute code in-place from cost-effective QSPI flash memory.

ThreadX and Express Logic’s related middleware provide priority-based, preemptive, real-time scheduling, messaging, IPv4/IPv6 networking, USB Host/Device, and GUI software support for these systems. The Express Logic products complement the Renesas RZ/A MPU.

The RZ Express promotion is valid only in the Americas (North America, South America and Central America). Qualified customers can request a single-product license by registering their project with Renesas.

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