EE Live - Verocel announces the first commercial version of VeroTrace -

EE Live – Verocel announces the first commercial version of VeroTrace


Verocel has announced the first full commercial release of VeroTrace, an advanced life-cycle management environment that is designed to successfully develop, verify and certify multiple software systems. The new commercial version features an enhanced architecture, an Eclipse IDE and capabilities that software developers can use to automate the tasks and processes required for large-scale, advanced software development and verification efforts.

VeroTrace provides full traceability, review and workflow tracking. It monitors development and certification life-cycle artifacts as well as their relationships and authorization statuses, whether held in the VeroTrace repository or external Configuration Management (CM) systems. It is the ideal environment to facilitate the development, review, authorization and sign-off status of complex software systems, and aid in their delivery. VeroTrace successfully delivers safety and security projects and certification evidence to meet the DO-178B/C Avionic Software standards, as well as EN 50128 for rail certification and IEC 61508 for the industrial sector.

There are many advanced features within the VeroTrace environment that support the management of complex software development efforts commonly found in software certification/verification projects. VeroTrace can be installed as a distributed environment so users can access and share data across multiple sites. Qualified deliveries can be performed using the distributed environment, or via a local snapshot copy, to improve automated verification of artifacts as they are assembled into the current baseline. This also allows the local copy to be frozen while work continues undisrupted on the full repository.

VeroTrace provides built-in integrated documentation management and problem tracking capabilities. By integrating the requirements repository, documents and problem reporting with data managed by a CM system, VeroTrace can monitor version control and change management of development and life-cycle artifacts, their review by authorized personnel, and the management of dependency review statuses. This enables developers and reviewers to quickly hone in on the sources or artifacts that require their attention for update or review. For managers, it provides a quick summary of the overall system being certified, right down to the granularity of subsystems, collections or individual life-cycle artifacts. It can also provide change impact analysis, consistency and completeness checks of the total system. Completeness verification and change impact analysis is fully qualified so that deliveries can be trusted by the certification review authorities.

VeroTrace can also generate interim or complete certification/verification packages as hyperlinked data-sets, viewable using a browser. When all items are confirmed as complete, it can provide a verifiable set of life-cycle artifacts that can be delivered as a complete set of safety or security certification evidence or combined with other evidence for the larger total system. This is the proven method used by Verocel to produce certification packages for delivery to a customer or certification authority.

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