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EE Times Europe in print

Here are a selection of articles that appeared in the latest EE Times Europe print edition: April 16 – May 6. Click on the headline to see the full story.

Car designs on fast track

The love affair between people, their cars, and personal electronics has evolved into a passionate embrace of new on-board computing, control and communications technologies, generating an unprecedented design challenge to engineers across the entire spectrum of mechanical and electronic systems engineering.

Automotive EDA takes another step

Over the last decade, automotive electronics has fundamentally changed the driving experience, and expectations are even higher for future vehicles. Starting in engine management and car audio, electronics has now penetrated major in-car systems, ranging from powertrain, body, chassis, driver assistance systems to active and passive safety systems.

Aerospace, automotive convergence provide a way forward

Capitalizing on their experience in the aeronautics industry, three European companies, PolySpace Technologies SA, Sysgo AG, and TNI-Software (Brest, France), are now applying their specific competencies in safety-critical embedded software development to the automotive industry. communities.

Mentor unveils Broadcom’s latest emulator

Mentor Graphics Corp. (Wilsonville, Oregon) is unveiling its latest hardware emulator family on the show floor at the DATE exhibition in Nice, France on Tuesday (April 17). Mentor has been designing the chip at the heart of the Veloce family of emulators since 2003 and has already shipped 20 Veloce systems to Broadcom Corp. (Irvine Calif.) the company said.

Startups thrive out of tech spotlight

A business incubator with a high success rate and a waiting list of applicants has been growing startup companies that exit and serve the local area.

Optical comms market poised for recovery

Just because Bookham Inc. announced another round of cutbacks, does not mean that the optical components market is in bad shape. “Bookham is not a bellwether. It is probably the only one that has a new cost-cutting plan – despite its highly regarded technology,” said Lawrence Gasman, an analyst at CIR Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.).

Printed electronics heads to a promising future

Organic electronics, now in commercial production in the world’s first printed electronics fab, has entered its bright new world, one in which even microprocessors could be manufactured using print processes. Klaus Schroeter, CEO of Nanoident, the organic electronics innovator, laid out his vision in an interview with EE Times Europe.

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Graham Curren, CEO, Sondrel, Wolverhampton, England discusses 'The increasing need for specialization'

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