EE Times Europe print edition April 2 - 15 -

EE Times Europe print edition April 2 – 15


Here are a selection of articles that appeared in the latest EE Times Europe print edition: April 2 – 15. Click on the headline to see the full story.

Mixed-radix FFTs enhance OFDMThe increasing sophistication of communications systems is creating an opportunity for companies specializing in developing signal processing building blocks that are crafted for implementation in field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Scotland’s system-level college spurs entrepreneursRising from the ashes of the Alba initiative – Scotland’s 1990s experiment in fostered clustering – the Institute for System Level Integration (ISLI) is one bright spark that is finding ways to attract, train and retain skilled engineers by fostering a commercial and startup mentality in masters and PhD students.

Fabless companies need to invent new categories of products

In size Israel’s fabless semiconductor sector is third only to those of the United States and Taiwan. And the fuel on which fabless companies run is venture capital. Having worked in research at Bell Labs and IBM, Eyal Kishon, now managing partner in Genesis Partners Venture Capital Fund, knows the worlds of finance and design. Amir Ben-Artzi, EE Times Europe Israel correspondent, caught up with Kishon for a discussion on the challenges for fabless companies, as seen by the Israeli engineering and VC communities.

Letter: Location industry is not dependent on Galileo I refer to your online article EC gets tough over Galileo sat-nav delays Signals from a future Galileo constellation may certainly improve the reliability, availability and ease of use when locating people and objects but location technology does not start and stop with this project.

Sally Purdie Director, U.K. Location and Timing Knowledge Transfer Network, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, U.K.

Letter: Wider considerations for mobile TV

I enjoyed reading your articleregarding Ms Reding selecting DVB-H as the standard for mobile television in Europe. However, there’s a wider consideration here. Bruce Renny Group marketing director, ROK Entertainment , Wolverhampton, U.K.

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