EE Times Europe print edition: March 3 - 16, 2008 -

EE Times Europe print edition: March 3 – 16, 2008


Here are a selection of articles that appeared in the latest EE Times Europe print edition: March 3 – 16, 2008. Click on the headline to see the full story.

Safety, security set to drive embedded apps

There may be as many ways to implement safety and security features in embedded applications as there are engineers working on the challenge, but it is becoming a key topic as fail-safe and security technologies migrate to applications well away from the traditionally security- and safety-conscious military-aerospace and automotive sectors.

Brazilian chip industry faces multiple hurdles

The birth of the Brazilian semiconductor industry has been protracted and difficult but even as the infant takes its first steps it is facing an uphill battle.

Cooling economy eases Estonian labor shortage

Last year, a shortage of skilled labor in Estonia drove wages up 15 percent and had companies struggling to fill open positions but now the labor shortage is easing due to slowing economic growth.

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