EEMBC using GrammaTech tools for benchmark robustness -

EEMBC using GrammaTech tools for benchmark robustness


The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC)  has adopted the GrammaTech static analysis tool, CodeSonar, to analyze, review, and test the robustness of code-based benchmark suites.

The first EEMBC benchmark examined with CodeSonar is the upcoming FPMark, a comprehensive suite of Floating-Point (FP) benchmarks designed to provide a standardized, industry-wide accepted measure for floating-point performance.

FPMark is used to evaluate the capabilities of embedded processors in a wide variety of embedded applications, including audio, automotive and motor control.

The EEMBC workgroup’s goal is to create benchmarks that will expose and highlight the performance gains from innovations in terms of real application performance.

“As an industry standard organization, we have little tolerance for faulty benchmark code because so many people use and rely on it,” said Markus Levy, president of EEMBC.

Code analysis, he said, was used to avoid potential defects in the FPMark code to ensure a reliable benchmark certification suite.

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