EET Europe Guide to Electronica 2014 -

EET Europe Guide to Electronica 2014


Fifty years of Electronica will have been necessary to come full circle in the electronics industry, shifting its focus from analog signal to the digital domain, with chips operating at breakneck speeds, and to the analog domain again as sensor nodes spread around like wildfire in the Internet of Things (IoT) catch-all application space.

EE Times Europe'sShow Guide to Electronica.

EE Times Europe's
Show Guide to Electronica.

But converting the IoT PowerPoint craze from a marketing strategy to market-ready products of more than dubious usefulness will take more than analog and digital chips. All under one roof at Electronica, you'll find out about the passives, the connectors, the power supplies, all the peripherals, and the various material supplies, manufacturing, and test equipment that you'll need to rely upon for your first prototypes.

For a first proof of concept, you may just consider one of the hundreds of development kits and open-source boards that more and more distributors elaborate around their partners' products as new sales channels. But more than for products whose specs you may inspect and filter out over the web, we come to Electronica for the people, the real drivers behind an industry that never fails to surprise us.

Sooner or later, you may want to ramp up production and talk volume manufacturing with some of the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers, lined up side by side with pick-and-place and soldering machine vendors. Across all sectors of activity, one recurring theme and often a key product differentiator is authentication and security, whether it is for part traceability and anti-counterfeiting or for certified software execution, data protection, and secure communications. The latter closes the loop in the manufacturing industry with the former, when information and communications technology (ICT) comes at the service of the very production tools that make it widespread and affordable — industry 4.0 as it is known here in Germany.

Again, this is more than mere off-the-shelf solutions. Come and pick up some noise, intercept conversations, tune in to the megatrends, and meet with the movers and shakers of our industry at the many forums and panel discussions hosted in Munich during this buzy Electronica week.

In thisEE Times Electronica 2014 Show Guide ,  you'll find a complete exhibition agenda and floorplan to make the best of your time in Munich, together with key company profiles and product presentations.

This article has been previously published in the November, 2014 EE Times Europe Print Edition.

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