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eInfochips shrinks design cycles by 6 months for TI’s 66AK2Ex processors


eInfochips and Texas Instruments have announced the availability of EVMs (Evaluation Modules) for the TI 66AK2Ex processors. The EVM, coupled with design services from eInfochips, will accelerate benchmarking and design cycles by up to six months. The 66AK2Ex processors are targeted for applications in cloud computing, avionics, medical imaging, industrial automation, and physical security. The 66AK2Ex is the latest ARM+DSP system-on-chip (SoC) from TI, equipped with KeyStone II multicore architecture for power efficiency.

The 66AK2Ex processors incorporate the most performance-optimized ARM Cortex-A15 processor, dual-core or quad-core CorePac, and TMS320C66x DSP core, running at a core speed of up to 1.4 GHz. In addition to the TI 66AK2Ex EVMs, eInfochips will also provide electronic design and firmware development services for TI K2E, TI K2H, and TI K2L platforms.

The 66AK2Ex EVM with a double wide AMC form-factor enables developers to immediately evaluate the 66AK2Ex processors and build applications. The EVMs include an on-board, single C66x KeyStone-II SoC and several connectivity options allowing use in a variety of systems. EVMs can also standalone. The software accompanying the EVM includes the Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment version 5 (CCS v5), and the Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) that includes the Board Support Package (BSP), Chip Support Library (CSL), Power On Self-test (POST), Network Development Kit (NDK), SYSBIOS, and Out of Box (OOB) Demonstration software.

The 66AK2Ex processors , based on TI's industry leading KeyStone II architecture, combines up to four ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processors with TI's TMS320C66x high performance DSP. The 66AK2Ex processors provide up to 5.6 GHz of ARM and 1.25 GHz of DSP processing coupled with security features, packet processing and Ethernet switching, all at lower power than other multichip solutions. For applications like enterprise video, digital video recording, video analytics, industrial imaging, industrial control and enterprise voice gateways, the 66AK2Ex processors combine ARM's best-in-class single-thread performance for control processing with the compute performance of the C66x DSP. Using TI's heterogeneous programming runtime software and tools, customers can easily develop differentiated products with 66AK2Ex SoCs.

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