EKF: PCIe x8 carrier for XMC-style mezzanine module

EKF presents the EK4-WALTZ, a CompactPCI Express (aka PXI Express) carrier card for an XMC-style mezzanine module. While maintaining the form factor of PMC cards, XMC modules are provided with a PCI Express interface. The EK4-WALTZ can be combined together with XMC mezzanine cards up to 74x149mm2 (full length).

The EK4-WALTZ is equipped with PCI Express Gen3 redrivers for optimum high-speed signal integrity, and must be installed into a suitable peripheral slot of a CompactPCI Express backplane. The board enables system integration of special functions which are not available as CompactPCI Express card, e.g. FPGA IP based solutions.

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