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Electric Cloud accelerates Android device development

With Android release cycles becoming shorter, a BTR (build, test, release) accelerator from Electric Cloud   is designed to help Android device developers stay on top of Android’s latest releases and make it through Google’s compatibility testing regimen more quickly.  Unveiled at the 2013 Android Builders Summit back February, the Android Lifecycle Management bundles Electric Cloud’s ElectricCommander and ElectricAccelerator platforms with implementation services and training. Google’s best practices are coded into their product.

Despite the company name, Electric Cloud doesn’t provide the cloud services.  All acceleration is done on private clouds. The accelerator spreads the build and testing tasks using agents among computing resources in a company’s private cloud.

Electric Cloud says Google’s Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) contains over 17,000 test cases and takes hours to run–their Android Lifecycle Management product speeds up testing time by spreading the tests over multiple resources. With the acceleration, Electric Cloud claims Android build time is cut from 90 minutes to 12 minutes and CTS tests are cut from 7 hours to under two. This makes a big difference because time-to-delivery on devices is measured in months now, with Google releasing Android versions so quickly.

Key components in Android Lifecycle Management include:

•    Fast Android builds
•    Fast and comprehensive CTS and custom testing
•    Complete Android delivery process automation
•    Enterprise class scalability, security

For more information, go to Electric Cloud.  

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