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Electric Cloud offers way to automate enterprise software management

Mountain View, CA—Electric Cloud® today announced the general availability of ElectricCommander, the industry's first enterprise-class solution to automate the software production management process, specifically including build, package, test, and deploy tasks.

ElectricCommander works with Electric Cloud's ElectricAccelerator and ElectricInsight products to create what the company reports is the industry's only solution for complete software production management.

ElectricCommander is designed to make software build, package, test, and deploy tasks more repeatable, visible, and efficient. Specifically designed for enterprise-class applications the product scales to support large and complex build and test processes. It features a multi-threaded Java server in order to provide efficient synchronization even under high job volume.

The information architecture in ElectricCommander groups items in virtual projects, and each item is stored with metadata that makes it simple to identify assets or procedures for reuse. These shared assets and the ability to reuse aim to make individual teams more efficient by eliminating duplicate work, and to give organizations the power to deploy cross-company standards.

After each step in a process completes, a postprocessor extracts information from the step's log file. This information is kept as persistent properties, providing easy access to diagnostic information.

ElectricCommander was specifically designed to make it easy to adopt and roll out across teams with a highly interactive Web interface and simple techniques for migrating existing scripts.

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