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Electronica 2014: Roundup of tech stories

The gathering of the electronics industry every two years in Munich gives a useful snapshot of the health of the overall business. The 50th year of electronica since its launch in 1964 saw a return to pre-recession levels of activity — 73,000 visitors, 50% from outside Germany, was back to the 2008 figure — up 1,000 on the 2012 show and the 70,000 figure of 2010. Over 2,737 exhibitors was up a couple of hundred on previous years and approaching the peak of 2008.

Walking the floors shows a clear split in the popularity of certain sectors. While test and measurement and contract manufacturing were more popular than the halls full of passive components, the three halls of semiconductors were heaving. From wireless to automotive to controllers, with huge dash of local and global distributors, the silicon halls saw a distinct rebound in interest from two and four years ago, marking the current strength of the semiconductor cycle.

The Internet of Things may have been a constant refrain, bringing together sensors, wireless and microcontrollers, but so was automotive with exactly the same combination……..

To read more of Nick Flaherty's roundup of highlights from NXP, Freescale, Microsemi, STMicro, FDTI, Congatech, and others, go to “9 top tech from Electronica 2014.

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