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electronica: Ericsson’s Digital Power Software Tool optimizes energy management


Ericsson's DC/DC Digital Power Designer is an advanced toolkit that provides board-power designers with highly advanced software to configure, implement, and monitor power conversion devices – from a single unit to a complete system – including the Ericsson 3E* digital Point-Of-Load (POL) regulators, 3E Advanced Bus Converters (ABCs) and 3E Power Interface Modules (PIMs). The software is totally free of charge and can reduce time-to-market, total cost of ownership and energy consumption overall.

The software includes a design tool and a production tool. The Ericsson Power Designer design tool offers board-power designers a wide range of options to configure standalone 3E POLs, 3E ABCs and 3E PIMs, or a combination of multiple products as integrated in the final application. The production SMBus-based tool makes it possible to upload configuration files into a set of modules during manufacturing: not only reducing inventory costs, but also increasing flexibility to upgrade configurations with the implementation of new power schemes.

The software includes three major features: Project Mode, which makes it possible to save multiple projects for future use; Offline Mode, which is based on the integrated Ericsson 3E product-profile library and does not requires any connected hardware, thereby simplifying pre-configuration prior to implementation; and Online Mode with connection to 3E Design Kit boards or to end-user applications, making it possible to configure and monitor 3E POL regulators and 3E ABCs. Board-power designers can also build their system in Rail Mode, which provides the ability to specify individual profiles for each rail, save the configuration, and combine rails or modify rails later following implementation in customer applications.

The free Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer software can be downloaded (with the original built-in 3E product-profile library) following registration at: www.digitalpowerdesigner.com .

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