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Electronica: TI, SOM vendors team on OMAP industrial apps

At Electronica in Munich, Germany, TI took a step toward moving its OMAP processor into the embedded market with the announcement that it is teaming with six system-on-module (SoM) vendors on the implementation of modules designed to simplify and speed industrial development.

Using Texas Instruments dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 architecture which is complemented by an integrated DSP, dual Cortex-M4 cores and various on-chip accelerators, the modules being planned include systems from : Embedded++ (EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 module), GreenBase (GK-5432 module), Jorjin (APM-5 module), Phytec (phyCORE-OMAP5430 SOM module) and SECO (µQ7-OMAP5 module)

“TI is committed to the expansion of OMAP processors into industrial applications that require long product life cycles, extended temperature and reliability, and real-time control and communication,” said Debasish ‘Ron’ Nag, manager of TI’s OMAP industrial business.

The OMAP 5 architecture keeps power levels low to decrease utility costs and brings the best of ARM’s Cortex-A15 performance to advanced industrial systems, delivering: dual ARM Cortex-A15 MPcores for high-performance application processing, dual Cortex-M4 cores for efficient task offloading and power optimization, integrated DSP for flexible, high-performance, real-time processing analytics and control, on-chip accelerators for vision, full-HD video (1080p) and 2D/3D graphics and industrial temperature qualification (-40 to +85°C).

The new OMAP 5 processor based modules are expected to be available to select customers in first quarter of 2013 from TI’s SoM partners.

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  1. This news comes at the same time as the news that TI is retreating from the phone market.

    That is good news to anyone trying to use OMAPs for the industrial space where, unlike cellphone space, we expect parts to be available for a long time.

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