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Electronica: Vehicle-to-X test drive

On November 11, a group of companies and organizations gave the start signal for a large practical test of the Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication technology. NXP, Cohda Wireless, Siemens, and Honda, along with safety validation company TÜV Süd, will depart to a large-scale test drive through Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. The “Communicating Cars” test drive leads along the projected C-ITS Corridor between Vienna and Rotterdam.

The purpose of the test drive is demonstrating the maturity of the V2X technology, which enables vehicles to automatically communicate among each other and pass along messages regarding road conditions, traffic flow, and obstacles before these appear in the driver's visual range. The vehicles also receive signals from intelligent road signs and can adapt to the switching cycles of traffic lights before they actually reach them. All these features help to make traffic more safe and support the traffic flow.

The test drive starts at NXP's booth at the electronica trade fair and then leads to Vienna and back along the C-ITS Corridor from Vienna to Rotterdam over Frankfurt. ITS stands for Cooperative Intelligent Traffic Systems Corridor, and stands for a joint project of the governments of Netherlands, Germany, and Austria to test V2X technologies by implementing numerous roadside installations that exchange data with cars. For the start, two C2X applications will be implemented: Roadworks warning and traffic situation detection. In the case of roadworks information, traffic information centres and mobile traffic signs will transmit warning signals to the vehicles. Within the other application, traffic situation detection, vehicles communicate among each other, exchanging data on the traffic situation. These data are also forwarded to the traffic information centre from where they can be fed into navigation systems capable of processing real-time information.

In both cases, the communication is realized either through the IEEE 802.11p standard, a version of the popular WiFi standard with extensions and modifications for fast-moving objects, or through the cellphone infrastructure.

It is planned that the participating vehicles will stop in Vienna; finish is scheduled on November 19 in Rotterdam.

Article originally posted on EE Times Europe .

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  1. “Vehicle to vehicle communication technology will definitely bring some positive and advance changes in automobile world. Different groups of companies are taking different kind of practical tests to get the result on V2X communication technology and hope

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