Top ten most-viewed articles in 2012

December 19, 2012

Susan Rambo-December 19, 2012

In embedded systems, life is hard. Back in 2000, Lindsey Vereen, the editorial director of magazine, conference, and web site, told his editors never to use the word "easy" in describing a product or technique. "Nothing is ever easy in embedded systems," he said. Instead, we were to use words like "straightforward" to maintain some editorial integrity around claims we could never verify. Straightforward, I guess, was the best you could hope for as an embedded systems developer.

Articles or video that clearly explain the basics of any subject or technique will always be popular on the Web, but because embedded systems programming and development is so varied and complicated, having a clear, basic explanation available does make a developers' job a little easier, if not guide him or her on the path to a better answer. Perhaps that is why the older articles are still popular: six out of the top ten articles are older than five years, many written in the early 2000s. It's not the only reason why they're popular, but it's the easiest.

Here are the top ten most-viewed articles on in 2012. These include the articles  viewed on EE, as spent the first three quarters of the year as part of EE, before becoming a separate site in mid September.

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