High-tech jobs migrate

May 22, 2013

Jack Ganssle-May 22, 2013

A December 2012 report ("Technology Works: High-Tech Employment and Wages in the United States") offers yet another look at high-tech employment.

The report does a poor job defining what a "high tech job" is; it seems to be a job in the tech sector, but does that include the administrative people working for Intel? My sense is that they include engineers, technicians, and manufacturing workers in the technology sector.

The state with the highest proportion of high-tech jobs isn't California; it's Washington (the state, not the hot-air factory nestled between Maryland and Virginia), with 11.4% of all private jobs in the tech industry. Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and Colorado all have a higher percentage of tech workers than California, although no metro area can match Silicon Valley's 28.8% figure.

California also doesn't make the top ten list of states in technology employment growth; little Delaware is number one with a 12.8% year-to-year increase. Boise, Idaho experienced 83% growth in just a year! No employment figures are given; since going from a single worker to two represents a 100% gain, it's not clear how meaningful Boise's number is.

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