More chances to win a wireless networked ESC "Hello There!" badge

March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016

Now, before we plunge headfirst into the fray with gusto and abandon, let's briefly remind ourselves as to the coolness of the ESC 2016 collectible wireless mesh networked "Hello There!" badges. Here's a quick video of yours truly flaunting my prototype of this little beauty.

As you may recall, this is going to be a very limited edition because we're giving away only 100 of the little rascals at the forthcoming ESC Boston, April 13-14, 2016. The first 75 of these giveaways will go to the lucky folks who are randomly selected from those who tweet the following phrase:

Find me at #ESCbos this April in this cool #wireless mesh network #LED badge: ESC: @ESC_Conf

The original deadline for these tweets was going to be the middle of March, but we've decided to extend this until Monday April 11, 2016, to give everyone more time to get in on the fun (note that you can increase your chances by tweeting every day).

I have to say that these badges are much cooler than I’d ever imagined. In addition to their ability to control our "Hello There!" robots (see Pssst! Want a free robot?), the badges form a wireless mesh network and talk to each other to determine if their owners have similar interests, display scrolling text messages on their 8x8 LED arrays, and play a variety of games.

(Source: Max Maxfield /

These little scamps are also designed to be hackable and transmogrifyable, including the fact that we've included Arduino-style headers, thereby allowing you to use your badge to control off-the-shelf Arduino shields (like the motor controller shield we're using on the robots).

Remember that winners have to pick up their badges at the beginning of the Introducing the ESC 2016 Hello There! Badge session, which is open to everyone, including Full Conference Passes and FREE Expo passes. So, if you haven’t already done so, then as soon as you've tweeted the line above, bounce over to the ESC Boston Registration Page and sign up for the conference.

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